ABLIC: Launch of the S-576Z Series Today

Commercializing the ZCL™(*1) Hall Effect ICs and Transforming the Brushless DC Motor Market

2019-11-18 15:37 출처: ABLIC Inc.

CHIBA, Japan--(뉴스와이어) 2019년 11월 18일 -- ABLIC Inc. (President: Nobumasa Ishiai, head office: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture; hereinafter “ABLIC”) today launched the S-576Z Series of ZCL™ Hall effect ICs (magnetic sensors) that are designed to transform the development and manufacture of brushless DC motors.
Announced in October 2018 as the World’s first(*2) ZCL™ Hall effect IC with an innovative detection methodology, this product is now launched as a product for use in consumer products.

The S-576Z Series is not a unipolar or bipolar Hall effect latch IC but a ZCL™ Hall effect IC, a consumer product with an entirely new detection methodology capable of changing the output signal at the point (zero crossing point) where the polarity changes.

The S-576Z Series significantly improves flexibility at the design stage since it eliminates sensor positional accuracy and component variations and other negative impact on motor performance. It is a product that enables a reduction in the calibration work load in the manufacturing process and go a long way toward resolving the issues of motor developers and designers.

Compared to a bipolar Hall effect latch IC installed in a brushless motor (where sensor position is not optimal), a 15% or greater reduction in power consumption can be expected(*3), making it environmentally-friendly and also improving the performance of the product using the brushless motor.

(*1) ZCL is an abbreviation of “Zero Crossing Latch.”
(*2) Based on our research as of September 2018.
(*3) Based on our research as of November 2019.

[Major Features]

1. A world first! The ZCL™ Hall effect IC employs an innovative detection method that differs from both unipolar and bipolar detection.

2. Attributes pertaining to internal motor use

A wide operating voltage range that promises stable sensor signal output at motor start and stop.
Static electricity countermeasures to withstand harsh motor assembly environments.
A built-in pull-up resistor (an optional product) ideal for reducing differences in the rise and fall delay times of sensor signal output.

[Application Examples]
Robots (brushless DC motors for vertical movement and operation of joints), electric power tools, cordless vacuum cleaners, and other consumer products that require high-energy efficiency, reliability, and low noise.

[ZCL™ Technology Introduction]

[S-576Z Series Product Details]


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